Structural analysis


The terms structural analysis and structural calculation refer to the adoption of diverse tools and numerical or computational techniques developed for the interpretation and solution of engineering problems in structural mechanics.

The main purpose of structural analysis is to determine the state of stress and deformation within the structure under consideration, namely the distribution of internal forces, the deformations of the structure and relevant displacements.


The preliminary study phase is dedicated to the simplification of the geometry of the structure, the simulation of the behaviour of the constituent materials and the internal and external constraints.The resulting calculation model must realistically represent the behaviour of the structure under consideration.


Our firm uses various structural analysis software platforms including MidasGen, an advanced computation engine based on the numerical technique known as FEA (Finite Element Analysis - Finite Element Method) generally used for the calculation of structural steel or reinforced concrete. Another tool we use is 3Muri, based on the FME calculation approach (frame by Macro Element - which models a structure as an equivalent framework composed of macro-elements); it is used for masonry and armoured masonry structures as well as for mixed masonry/reinforced concrete structures, both new and pre-existing.Both programmes are widely tested and used by the majority of universities in Italy and the most important engineering specialists world-wide.

Another innovative program at our disposal is IDEA Connections, a software suite for the calculation of structural steel connections of any form and without limitations in geometry; it is based on a unique analytical design method known as CBFEM (Component-Based Finite Element Modelling).


For the assessment of static phenomena

  • Linear elastic analysis
  • The Plastic Method

For seismic calculations

  • Linear static analysis
  • Linear dynamic analysis (modal analysis)
  • Nonlinear static analysis (pushover tests)

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